Juan Rulfo Turns One Hundred / Juan Rulfo Cumple Cien Curated by Virginia Grise and Blanka Amezkua

Opening (at AAA3A and at La Morada):  Saturday May 6, 2017 @ 6 - 9pm
24 hour Celebration:  Saturday May 27 @ 4pm - Sunday May 28 @ 4pm
Duration:  May 6 - 29, 2017
AAA3A Hours:  Thursday & Friday @ 4 - 7pm / Saturday by appointment only
La Morada Hours:  Monday — Saturday @ 11am - 9pm

Juan Nepomuceno Carlos Pérez Rulfo Vizcaíno (May 16, 1917 - January 7, 1986) would turn one hundred this May.  Best known as Juan Rulfo, he is one of Mexico's foremost writers of the 20th century -- without whom Gabriel García Márquez said he could not have imagined writing One Hundred Years of Solitude.

To honor him and his work AAA3A is preparing an exceptional art show, displayed in two different locations, and a unique celebration.  AAA3A will exhibit the work by invited artists from the Bronx and beyond who have created very special pieces for this show, inspired by the work, writing or photography, of Juan Rulfo.  Complete list of participants will follow.  The art will be displayed inside AAA3A as well as La Morada, a casual restaurant specializing in Oaxacan cuisine, with a lending library & a Poet in Residence.  A place we all love and frequent in Mott Haven.

This special exhibit will close with a celebration organized by award winning theater artist Virginia Grise, "24 Hours with Juan Rulfo."  The celebration will include food, video screenings, music, live performances and a reading of Pedro Paramo and from his short stories found in The Burning Plain.

The 24 hour celebration will begin on Saturday May 27 at 4pm and will end on Sunday May 28 at 4pm.

* La Morada is located at 308 Willis Ave, Bronx, NY 10454


Alberto Toscano (MX)    Alejandra Barahona (GT)    Alex Branch (USA)    Alexa Torres Rodriguez (MX)    Alexandros Maganiotis (GR)    Andrea Arroyo (MX)    Angel G. Sigler (ES)    Angeliki Douveri (GR)    Argenis Apolinario (USA)    Asta Jonytyte (LT)    Christa Myers (USA)    Damali Abrams (USA)    Dean Manning (AU)    Diane Lepage (CAN)    Dimitri Theodosis (GR)    Edwin Gonzalez (USA)    Elizabeth Hamby (USA)    Eozen Agopian (GR)    Felipe Galindo (MX)    Felix Morelo (CO)    Geeta Roopnarine (TTO)    Gema Alava (ES)    Gisela Insuaste (EC)    Hatuey Ramos Fermin (PR)    Hilario Alonso (MX)    Isela Meraz (USA)    Iviva Olenick (USA)    Jorge Bachmann (CO)    Juan Bautista Climent (MX)    Juan Carlos Pinto (GT)    Juanita Lanzo (PR)    Kah Yan Yon (GT)    Katerina Valaoritis (GR)    Lenia Economou (GR)    Maria Galvan (ES)    Marion Fischer (AT)    Mary Cox (USA)    Michael Pribich (USA)    Nanos Valaoritis (GR)    Netza Moreno (USA)    Nina Franco (BR)    Panagiotis Voulgaris (GR)    Paulina Perera-Riveroll (MX)    Rafael Melendez (USA)    Remy Amezcua (MX)    Rene Valdez (USA)    Sandra Mack Valencia (CO)    Sotiris Papanikolaou (GR)    Susana Aragon (PE)    Tara Goswani (IN)    Thomas McKean (USA)    Txutxo Perez (MX)    Virgil Carstens (USA)    Zoe Valaoritis (GR)...

Juan Rulfo Turns One Hundred is made possible with public funds from the Bronx Council on the Arts through the Department of Cultural Affairs’ Greater New York Arts Development Fund Program.