Bronx River Art Center
January 29 - March 20, 2010

Dialects v.3 Interminable recurrence in my mind

Curated by Jose Ruiz
Photos by Jose Ruiz and Leonidas Alexandropoulos

Working under the umbrella of local and international dialogue, research, and collaboration, local Bronx and international artists were paired together to create and present side-by-side solo exhibitions in BRAC's storefront gallery.

Blanka Amezkua's installation, Interminable recurrence in my mind, builds upon the organic, abstract, and handmade, to mine colorful aesthetic tendencies that present an alternate dimension to the works that she is primarily known for: the hyper-depiction of women as a character of power that evolve out of the pages of Mexican comic books and other popular paraphernalia.  For this exhibition, the Mexican-born, Bronx-based artist unveiled a new installation that highlights the various aesthetic motifs that have constantly paralleled her projects over the last fifteen years, so that the exhibition process exposes the often-private investigations that arise in her studio.  Organic patterns painted on the wall, abstract crocheted compositions, and an extensive suite of doodles done on mail envelopes are just some of the elements of her installation.  Additionally, Amezkua worked in BRAC's gallery throughout the course of the exhibition, in order to continuously shift an environment marked by fluidity, addition, and change.


Dialects v.3 Blanka Amezkua and Dario Solman