Bronx River Art Center
January 8 2010

"Rompe Puesto"

Co-curated Ronny Quevedo and Blanka Amezkua with sounds by DJ Juan Mapu
Photos by Argenis Apolinario

ROMPE PUESTO, was a one-night, celebratory performance event highlighting and deconstructing piñatas created by 22 NYC artists.  Participants were invited to take a swing in hopes of collecting the artistic contents inside each piñata.  ROMPE PUESTO loosely translates into "breaking ground."  In this scenario, the artists and the organizers used the cathartic act of celebration to foster new alternatives to exhibit, perform, congregate, and collaborate.

damali abrams, Fanny Allie & Jun Aizaki, Blanka Amezkua, Firelei Baez, Petrushka Bazin "Front Unifié de Libération Nationale d'Haïti (FULNH)", Daniel Bejar, Melissa A. Calderón, Alex Campaz, Brendan Carroll, Abigail Deville, Oasa Duverney, Michelle Frick, Irvin Morazan, Ivan Monforte, Las Hermanas Iglesias, Laura Napier, Juan Ortega, Wanda Ortiz, Olek , Risa Puno, Kenya (Robinson), Jorge Rojas, Jessica Rosen, Ronny Quevedo, Mary Valverde.


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Piñata Party by Simone
Rompe Puesto by damali abrams