Creative Laboring: Working Outside (CL : WO), brief creative aesthetic laboring in the public sphere.

Stringing Around (Lycabettus Hill, Athens; January 2013)

String, mask and ornaments

String, mask and plastic pearls (MS-66-61) (Lycabettus Hill, Athens; January 2013)

7 am... Sunday morning...  armed with string, hammer, plastic shaped pearls and a good friend...   Her name is MS and her height and arm span are 66 cm. and 61 cm., respectively...   She made the initial marks using her physical dimensions and we began the piece.  Perhaps these walls are beautiful as they are... but the proximity of working next to them elicit inspiration for much more to come...  I am thankful for all the forgotten walls around any city... they are my instant open canvas...

The Ball (Lycabettus Hill, Athens; January 2013)

Papier-mâché ball with fabric out for a walk in and around Lycabettus Hill.

Triangle Prism of Me (TPM) (Lycabettus Hill, Athens; January 2013)

TPM is a triangular prism, or transportable corner, constructed using bubble tea straws and tape.  TPM contains my bodily dimensions.

Mask & Pipe cleaners(Panepistimiou Ave., Athens; October 2012) Mask & NailsColored string, recycled metal, and plastic pearls; (Elaionas, Athens; December 2012)