Ludens Labs
May 27, 2011

Athens, Greece

Piñatas Ludens Fest

Photos by Leonidas Alexandropoulos, Vici Theodoropoulou and Blanka Amezkua

Ludens Labs is a two years old Non Profit Organization initiated by a bunch of youth and youth-at-heart and has been set in motion by their desire to express themselves, learn and create through play.

Located in a small ground floor multifunctional space in the district of Exarcheia, which has played a significant role in the social and political life of Greece and where many young, students, intellectuals and artists live, Ludens Labs is aspiring to become a playground for the mind bringing together and connecting people through their ludic - literary playful - self.  Play as an act of self-definition, we strongly believe that may improve creativity, give birth to new ideas, reinforce meaning of learning and social activity, improve the community's relationships and may confirm our core suspicions that there are valuable findings lying hidden beneath the sands of a modern city.

Ludens Labs opened its doors and allowed me to give a Piñatas workshop with some of its homo ludens.  For three Fridays, I met with various volunteers who worked diligently and created nine amazing pieces.  Once they were finished, we garnered some donations (from local publishing houses, the Embassy of Mexico in Athens and the volunteers themselves) and Ludens invited everyone to partake in the Piñatas Ludens Fest.  Having had my second experience with the organizing of a Piñata happening, there is no doubt in my mind that this is one of the most convincing proposals for cultural collaboration and socialization, loaded with unbounded fun.  I believe everyone should have the opportunity to participate in a Piñata fest at least once during his or her lifetime!  Thank you EVERYONE for taking part in this celebration at Ludens Labs!  I thank Vici Theodoropoulou dearly for her limitless support and encouragement throughout all the stages of Piñatas Ludens Fest.


Ludens Labs
Piñatas Ludens Fest (e-go)
Piñatas Ludens Fest (athinorama)

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