Queens Museum of Art
Spring 2008

"The Roads to My Heart" and "Flowers"

Art workshops as part of the Queens Museum of Art Library - Partnership

In the Spring of 2008 I was invited by the Queens Museum to give two different workshops through the Art and Literacy for New New Yorkers program.  One was called "The Roads to My Heart," where I guided and encouraged the participants to think about the various routes their hearts have taken them.  We used felt and thread for this project.  The second project was called "Flowers" the attendees where asked to disassemble existing silk flowers and to then rearrange them to create their own; a simple approach to begin thinking of the infinite possibilities that existing objects have and once reconfigured become something personal and unique.  The stems for the flowers were created with the use of plastic straws that were fashioned as they pleased.  The workshops were conducted in Spanish.

Art and Literacy for New New Yorkers is a collaborative partnership between the Queens Museum of Art (QMA) and the Queens Library (QL) offering educational and cultural programs for immigrant adults in Queens.

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