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Francesco Straface: Rome Athens: Round-Trip - abstract painting
Rome Athens: Round-Trip
by Francesco Straface


With Rome Athens: Round-Trip art will become a vibrant journey.  A flight to reach a new city, to discover new emotions, to share, it will be a dream come true.  I want to become acquainted with a city that is so close to the soul of my hometown Taranto.  Taranto was an important colony of the great Magna Grecia.

The ideas will develop moment by moment, as I move through Athens, painting on a large canvas, demonstrating my lines in real time, capturing the forms of large monuments, or a little street, and breathing the energy of the city and its people.  What is particularly important for me in this trip is that, I take in the magic of the city of Athens.

When: Saturday, December 9th, 2012

Where: Athens: downtown, historic center...


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